It's that time of the year when people gather around to be with friends and family...aaannd strangers in busy malls or movie theaters. Well if you're not a big fan of the latter, we have the best 2017 Black Friday Deals for you. We've organized 3 of the best spots for finding great offers for your holiday shopping.

Starting at number 1, the largest mall on Earth, Amazon:

Whether you're upgrading a lot of your technology, especially smart homes, then the Amazong Echo and Dot are on sale. From kitchen items to kids' toys, there are deals strewn all throughout the site. While Prime members also get extra benefits!

Next on the list, is Macy's:

As traditional brick and mortar stores compete with e-commerce websites, the deals seem to be more competitive this year. You have to be on your toes however, since a lot of the deals are time sensitive, so you need to hurry. If you've been waiting to upgrade school or work attire, then now's the time to do it. Like Amazon, kitchen and home products are also on sale.

Third is Walmart: USA, LLC

The most of the products are pretty much on sale. Even in-store grocery items are on sale.