However shooting a quick and accurate goal is not easy and doesn’t come overnight. Practice is the only way one can improve his shot with. Also shooting off the ice is a great way to master shooting effectively. Here are some shooting tips to help you have an edge in any hockey team.

-Shoot Off-Ice: It is necessary that you start with practising your shot in a dry land area. In fact many ice hockey players begin their practice sessions on the ground. To improve the power and accuracy of the shot off-ice shooting is an imperative exercise.

-Develop all types of shots: Whether you are playing for hockey league India or for any other championship across the globe, you need to proficient with every kind of shot. By training yourself towards perfecting every type of shot is the first step towards your dream team. Many types of shots include wrist, backhand, snap and slap.

-Target the shots: It is the accuracy which matters when you have a puck in hand and ball in your sight. Pick your head up and target when shooting. To begin with you need to be cautious with the angles to take to strike it right but with time it almost becomes a reflex.

-It is all about the technique: Technique is the key when learning to shoot with the stick. For beginners proper form training is all the more necessary. It is advisable to use stick weight when taking special training to secure a place in the best hockey team. Stick weight aids in strengthening shooting muscles and betters the style and technique.

-Weight transferring: While shooting the basic mantra is to transfer the weight from the back foot to the front foot. The shot which occurs then is more powerful and precise since it includes the player’s body completelyFree Reprint Articles, instead of his upper body.

-Shoot through barriers: Do not hesitate to use defensemen or a teammate as a screen when shooting on a goal. A shot aimed low works best in situations when screens are used.

-Learn a Quick Release: The best shots as observed in hockey league India have been those where the shots are released swiftly. Do not hold on to the shooting position for long and shot the ball as quickly as possible. One-time shots are very effective and do the trick.

-Roll the wrist: It is important to roll the wrist to ensure there is velocity and precision in your shot.

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